Sunday, November 11, 2012

Nye County Preliminary

Etta and I drove to Pahrump yesterday for her last preliminary as a tot.  The next one in Vegas isn't until the end of January and she'll be seven by then.  This way she can compete at state as a Tot in the 3-6 year old division.
Of course I can never see the closed interview but what I did see of her, she was perfect.  She modeled perfectly in casual wear and party dress then actually did really well in her on stage interview which is typically a nightmare.  It probably helped that the State Director was the interviewer and Etta knows hers pretty well.  So, needless to say I was super proud of how she did because you can't improve on a personal best.  Losing is not new to Etta but I think she had a hard time not winning the overall title since she felt she couldn't have done anything better.  I let her know that she was perfect and that was what mattered more than the overall title from Pahrump.
Prettiest hair award
Tot Personality
All the girls from the Nye County Preliminary

The pageant I'm directing is next weekend at the Texas Station.  Hopefully I can get lots of pictures and videos for my blog. The girls have been working hard on their talent routines.

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