Saturday, October 20, 2012

I am alive!

I've taken a hiatus to blogging recently due to being busy.  Sounds strange to say 'I'm busy' when both the kids are in school and I'm not working.  But, since I'm not working it seems as if more things have ended up on my schedule.  I'm on the school PTSO board and that keeps me busy as well as volunteering in the girls' classrooms or school in general.  It's nice feeling this comfortable with the girls' school.  I realize just how blessed we are with the girls going to Kitty Ward Elementary.
Also, I was asked to direct one of the local Cinderella pageants which will be November 17th and that was taking up a lot of my time a few weeks ago looking for a venue, judges, and getting the entry forms and flyers out. 
So, as I take a breather I figure Chloe's missing tooth is news worth.  She lost her first tooth last month after being loose for months after running her mouth into the dining room table.  She's got a couple of other loose teeth so she may be toothless here in the near future.  Keep your eyes out for those pictures!

I promise I'll be better and write again soon.

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