Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Lunch Time...or is it Bento Time!

For the first time ever I lost all the pictures from our Nikon photo card while transferring them to the computer.  I was devastated.  However, I looked at it this way, "Would I have rather lost all of the State Pageant photos or the first week of bento pictures?"  Well darn, if I look at it that way then I'm not quite so upset with myself.  So needless to say everyone will miss out on the AWESOME first week of bentos I made for the girls.  Chloe is my picky eater so I wanted to start off the week with something she would enjoy, eat, and impress her.  That it did. Unfortunately you will see none of those!
Now we are on to the second and third week of bentos and they aren't as awe inspiring but still healthy.  Chloe occasionally comes home to complain about something in her box, "The carrots are too crunchy."  Hmm, last time you wanted them raw...not anymore?  Might have something to do with her extremely loose front tooth.  "I didn't want blueberries I wanted grapes." Forgive my lack of telepathy.  Most of you with kids, completely understand the dilemma.
Anyway, here are a few pictures of some of the lunches I've made recently.

Rice with a girl face, raccoon looking hard boiled egg, plus fruits and veggies.

Pancakes are always a hit.  Etta got a hot lunch which Chloe took this pancake bento (with hard boiled quail egg that looks like a mouse) to school.  Come on, who doesn't want to buy pizza at school?

I wasn't feeling original Monday morning, but the girls love having pancakes for lunch.
This one was a toass up, Etta loved this one....
Not so much for Chloe.
Regardless, they are still getting good food at lunch time and there isn't TOO much complaining when I pick them up from school.  Let's see about tomorrow...


Keiko said...

Trust me...the pizza isn't that great (I recently found that one out).

Christy said...

That's not good, they're getting it again tomrorow!