Monday, August 27, 2012

First Day of School

I'm enjoying my last 30 minutes kid free before it's time to head to the school.  The girls have been excited the last few days about school starting.  We talked about their first school bento for the year yesterday and came up with this one...
I got them up bright and early this morning since I knew it would take them forever to get out of the bed.  It took fifteen minutes of rolling around in bed to fully wake up and participate in getting ready for school.  Here is how they looked.
Chloe's first day of kindergarten.
Etta's first day of first grade
The girls, just about ready to head out the door.
I biked the girls to school today and it's been a long time since I pulled them in the trailer (my legs are telling me so).  I dropped Chloe off and then took Etta to her class "paw" outside by the playground.  She looked pretty stressed out and I stayed for several minutes but started to get worried about Chloe.  So, I kissed her goodbye and went back to the kindergarten section to check on Chloe.  She seemed to be doing ok, which is probably because she already knows her teacher.  Now it's time to figure out the pick up of both of them and try not dying of heat exhaustion.

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Jill said...

They are getting so big. I can't believe they can fit in the bike trailer still. What are you doing with all your time now? Reading any good books?