Saturday, August 25, 2012

Ballet at Bunker

Etta has been asking to do ballet again for months.  After our summer vacation I looked into getting her into an intro class and the day we went to start they canceled the class.  They told me that they would have the exact same class this fall.  I called recently and they told me that the intro class moved days and of course it's on a gymnastics evening.  Sigh.
I know of Bunker through watching So You Think You Can Dance and figured I should check it out.  They had a big registration celebration today and the first half of the day were for younger girls and had free ballet classes every 30 minutes, dancing with Disney princesses, face painting, and games.  Well, Bunker won the girls over and we signed them up for the same ballet class together starting next month. 

Jasmine grabbed Chloe to dance with.  She was so happy!
Aurora was the first one over and she took Etta to the floor.
Let me just say, Etta was all smiles.
Practicing some spins.

Happy Etta!
Disney Princesses with little ballet ladies.
BTW mom, they have their annual recital scheduled between June 7-10th, just in case you want to pre-plan coming out for it!  Let's hope we don't move before then:)

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