Thursday, July 12, 2012

Juneau and Skagway

Our next stop was Juneau, Alaska.   We hadn't set up any excursions for the vacation since I heard weather is always touchy in Alaska and you can't cancel your excursions through the boat.  When the weather was pristine in Juneau we decided to stop by one of the many booths and set up a sea kayak tour of Mendenhall Glacier (we even saved $10 from Princess' price).  We took a short drive to calm waters and a nice view of the glacier.  Of course Eric and I were a little nervous about taking our camera on the kayak so we don't have any pictures of the experience. But, we got to see lots of bald eagles in the trees bordering the water.  It was awesome!
Wrapping up our kayak tour.

Mendenhall Glacier
Our kayak tour bus dropped us off downtown and walked to the Alaskan Brewing Company store.  We signed up for the tour but had to take the shuttle to the brewery about 10 minutes away.  Eric was in heaven here.  We not only got to taste beer for an hour but got to hear about the history of the company.  I even enjoyed the Alaskan White and the California IPA.  I do have to admit beer on tap isn't bad!
Beautiful view of Juneau.
After half a day without the kids I was feeling like it was time to pick them up.  However, the girls weren't ready for us to pick them up.  So, we vowed to come back and pick them up in an hour.  This was the trend for the trip every time we went to pick them up.  Sometimes they even cried when they saw us through the window.  They preferred hanging out, doing crafts, and playing with other kids than spending time with mom and dad!
The next day we arrived in Skagway, Alaska.  Here are the girls waking up; excited to know they are going into the kids room again.
Still tired but happy, that's what matters most.
One of the best smiles I've seen on Chloe.
Island Princess in port at Skagway.

Skagway was a cute little town.  There really isn't anything there except for a really cute downtown with lots of quaint shops.  There are plenty of excursions but most of them take you away from Skagway.  We enjoyed walking around and even stopped at the local brew house for some beer on tap.  Notice the trend?  We found an art shop at the end of the shopping street and fell in love with an artist proof of Mendenhall Glacier.  We paid to have it delivered so we wouldn't have to worry about carrying that, plus our two suitcases, plus our carry ons, plus Etta wasn't walking much on her own.  We've since received it and of course got really bent so we are in the process of making a claim with the UPSP.  Once it's settled we'll get it fixed, framed, and up on the wall.
There were a handful of picture opportunities on the boat.  We had two formal nights with formal pictures and one casual sitting as well.  We did lots of sittings and backgrounds knowing that we'd find something we liked.  Eric particularly loved this picture below because of Chloe's smile.
Pictures of formal night plus Glacier Bay to come.

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