Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Glacier Bay and College Fjord

Our last two days of the cruise were cruising Glacier Bay and College Fjord.  I unfortunately had gotten sick and felt really really bad.  Nothing like trying to see amazing scenery while having chills followed by fever out in the cold weather.  But, I still managed to see the highlights in between naps.  Unfortunately I can't remember any glacier names or facts about them since I was slightly out of it.  The only glacier fact that I will never forget is that there are worms that live in the glaciers that eat the stuff that falls onto the glacier and at one point glacier ice was used in beverages.  The thought of those worms can't get out of my mind!

One of the glaciers we saw stretched about 25 miles inland as well.  As you can tell it's quite gray, but should come as no surprise since glaciers need lots of rain and cold temperatures.  The boat stopped port side for 30 minutes for us to view the glacier and to see calving.  Here is our view.

You can see a splash from some calving.
A small boat took viewers up close to the glacier. 
Once the boat turned to the starboard side I decided it was time to get some herbal tea in me.  We sat facing the glacier again and we saw a HUGE chunk of ice come off the glacier. Of course we weren't taking photos, but we were happy to have a memory of it.  I did take a nap and missed dolphins, whales, and seals.  Eric was the lucky one to see it.
Etta was pretty much carried the entire vacation since her ankle was still bothering her.
Another yummy meal.
One of Etta's many crafts from the Kids Room, a puppet.
It was pirate day in the Kids Room.
The kids' favorite elevator on the boat located in the atrium.
We had a second formal night on our second to last night on the boat.  Eric even got a hair cut to look even more handsome.

Entertaining themselves while waiting for portraits.
A nice passenger took a picture for us while we were waiting.
Riding in their favorite elevator again.
A picture without the kids, say it isn't so?
My beautiful girls.
After picture the girls went into the kids' room to have dinner together and we joined another couple on the boat for dinner.  Not only have the cruised some 40 times but he is retired AF, went to the academy, and he was also an Olmsted scholar.  What are the odds?  It was a wonderful lobster dinner with new friends.  Even if I wasn't feeling my best.
We only had one more day of cruising College Fjord before disembarking at Whittier, Alaska.  We didn't plan on extending our vacation to see Denali so we took a shuttle tour to Anchorage to see my Aunt.  On our way to Anchorage we stopped at a Wildlife preserve.  I opted to stay on the bus since I wasn't feeling so great while the girls and Eric saw some great animals like bison, moose, and bears.

The bears were lured out of their den with reindeer hot dogs. 
Their was even a pen with babies.  Looks of ohs and ahs at this one.
We had lunch with my aunt at the Glacier Brew House.  It was nice catching up with her since I haven't seen her in several years.  It went by took quickly!  We took our rental car and made our way to our hotel which the kids and Eric made use out of the pool and hot tub.  I again was still not feeling well.  We tried going to the Moose's Tooth but it must be a big deal to the locals because we couldn't find a parking spot in the lot or the side of the road.  We look for something on our way back to the hotel and by that time I didn't think I could sit through a long meal.  We picked up domino's pizza.  Yep, that's how good I was feeling.  Really we didn't need to rent a car since all my activities in Anchorage were canceled.  We ended up leaving Anchorage the following day and I was on the mend, too bad Eric starting feeling sick!

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