Monday, July 09, 2012

Cruise Time!

The day before our vacation departure was Etta's first foot check up since getting her cast put on.  They cut it off, took new xrays, and said she was good to go.  However, he said she was still nursing a sprain.  So, off we went (or should I say off I went carrying Etta and holding Chloe's hand).  At least Etta would be able to swim during vacation.  The downside would be us carrying her nearly everywhere since she was still hobbling.Early the next morning we woke the kids to put them into the van to catch our flight to Vancouver.  We didn't do much in Vancouver other than walk around (also known as carrying our kids) while seeing downtown and the waterfront.  The hotel had a pool and hot tub which we used twice in the one night we stayed.  The next morning we walked to the cruise terminal where our boat the Island Princess awaited us.  The first thing we did on the cruise boat????  Ate lunch.  If you have never been on a cruise, you should know that most people plan their day around eating at one of the many places serving food.  But, when you have 2,000 people on a boat it's no surprise that food is available somewhere at all times.  We then took the girls to the kids room for 3-7 year olds and met the ladies that would be working in their room.  The girls would spend the majority of the next week in that room.  Next we went to get changed for swimming!  Even though it was on the cool side in Vancouver there was a pool and two hot tubs in doors on the Island Princess.  Not to mention that pool was super warm (it's like swimming in our 90 degree pool at home).  Other than unpacking and eating dinner, nothing exciting happened our first day.
The girls can make a fort anywhere!
The dining experience can take a long time, especially dinner at one of the restaurants.  Last time we cruised on Costa we were handed a menu and you can order anything.  They had appetizers, soups and salads, pasta, main course, and dessert.  Our first night cruising on Costa we ordered one from every category and let me just say we haven't made that mistake again.  However, it's still a lengthy process so we had games for the girls to entertain themselves.

What to order? 
Our cabin was near the rear of the boat which actually made a great place to go out and watch our coming, going, and cruising around the glaciers.
At the back of the boat.

The first morning cruising we dropped the girls off and didn't know what to do with ourselves.  So, what to do?  Go to the buffet for some tea.  Fear not, we made it to the gym after that!
First day at sea and the first time the girls went to the kids room. 
 Kid free Eric and Christy!!!!!
Our first port of call was Ketchikan, Alaska.  We originally had a plan based on my Alaska travel guide with kids to walk around and stop at a few kid friendly places.  But...the boat's kids room is basically open the entire time the boat is in port so we put the kids in the kids room.  We decided to walk the town on our own.  Which meant we were going to see the infamous Creek Street.
Welcome to beginning of Creek Street. 

We were just a week or two early of the salmon spawning, but that's ok with me.  We still had fun walking around and checking out the quaint shops on Creek Street.  And no, we didn't check out the old brothel.

Before we finished our day at Ketchikan we stopped at the Arctic Bar which is on the water.  Eric was so happy to have Alaskan Amber Ale from the tap he nearly did a happy dance.

There is so much to say about our Alaska trip but I have been less than motivated.  Hopefully soon you'll see more pictures.

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Jill said...

It looks beautiful!! I would love to try a cruise, but could not drop the kids off in the kids room, 3 hours 3 days of week of Jade going to preschool is already freaking me out. More details and more pictures soon please. . so I can imagine a vacation and quiet time. ;)