Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Chloe's 5th Birthday Party

Chloe's birthday was on the 13th and her party was the following day at Soulfire Studios.  It was really confusing for Chloe because her best friend Riley's birthday was the same day as the party.  Not to mention another friend's birthday was the day of the party as well.  Let me just say Chloe kept asking, "Who's birthday is it?"
Since Chloe's future husband had to be invited (for obvious reasons) we had to make it a little less girly by picking a Batman/Batgirl theme so he'd be sure to come.  As long as Trystan was there, Chloe didn't care!

Getting face painting.
"Check it out"
Waiting for face painting to wrap up and the party to start.
Using the magical key to open the door.
Getting dressed up.
Something about a super hero gives girls some spunk!
Why isn't this lighter working????
Hope she made a good wish!
Present time!
One of the favorite gifts, My Little Pony.  All the girls rushed to check it out.
Chloe's future husband gave her some wonderful gifts!
Happy Chloe!
Overall the party was great. She had a good time and so did her friends.  I often am thankful that the girls' birthdays are 6 months apart.

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