Sunday, June 03, 2012

Uh oh

Friday was a BIG day for the girls.  Etta had field day at school which Chloe and I went and volunteered at.  Which meant Chloe got to partake in everything Etta's class did.  I didn't take my camera in fear that it would get wet.  When I think back to my school field day I think of lots of running, long jumps, high jumps, shot put, and the likes.  Well, Etta's school field day consists of water activities.  Think blow ups with slides (with water), slip and slides, bladder pools, and lots of sprinklers.  It was quite fun.  If you have facebook you can see some pictures that another mom took and tagged.  Otherwise you can just use your imagination!
That evening Etta had her three hour gymnastics lesson followed by a gymnastics sleepover.  Both Etta and Chloe we going plus Etta's best friends from school too.  What an exciting day!  We said good night to the girls and went for sushi.  At about 11:30pm I got a call from the owner of the gym.  She told me that Etta was playing and had hurt her ankle.  She had been playing poison ball (when described by Etta sounds like dodge ball) and while running she twisted it.  Of course Etta was hurt but she didn't want to leave the sleepover.  So, Brandi told me she would call me if Etta changed her mind.  Back to sleep for me.
I kind of forgot about Etta's foot until I was on my way to pick her up.  Etta was in an ace bandage and crawling around.  Brandi picked her up and unwrapped her ankle, which was pretty swollen.  Brandi mentioned it was way worse the night before and had been iced throughout the night.  But, she recommended me taking her to the ER.  So, after taking the girls home and having breakfast she and I went to the base hospital.  Three xrays later the doctor said he didn't see any breaks but thought she may have injured her growth plate since all of her pain was coming from that spot.  So, they formed a splint for her, wrapped her up, didn't have crutches the right size for her, and sent us on our way.  Tomorrow morning I'm supposed to call orthopedics to get her in and reexamined to see if she has damage to the growth plate or if they can see a hairline fracture. 
Since Etta can't walk (she can't put any weight on it or she falls) I'm hoping to get an appointment ASAP.  We can't keep carrying her around, plus I just want to know what the problem is and how long to expect this.  Poor thing, she's being a trooper.  Mainly because everyone is fawning over her and she's getting to watch a lot of TV and play games.  Not to mention she isn't going to school tomorrow since she can't walk.  So, please pray that her foot heals quickly and that their isn't serious damage to her ankle.  I'll update when I can.

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