Monday, June 04, 2012

Foot Update

It's an injured growth plate and the orthopedics say it needs to be treated like a break.  So, she has a hot pink cast for now.  She still can't walk on it but has a boot for when she feels comfortable putting weight on it.  The doctor thinks that will be in about a week. 
We went to physical therapy for crutches and crutch training and the guys said she was his smallest patient ever.  After about 10 minutes he said that crutches were unsafe for her since she was having a hard time balancing and coordinating all the steps.  Next option is a little walker.  Of course they don't have miniature walkers so we're in the process of getting a prescription for one.  I'm still waiting to hear back if the company has one in stock.  So, I'm still carrying her around.  To make matters worse the school said she can't come until she's mobile since it's a liability for them.  It's the last several days of school and she's sitting around on the bean bag watching TV, crawling to the bathroom, or asking me to carry her to other parts of the house.  Fun stuff.
Not to mention, State Pageant starts Sunday.  Hmmmm, how to model when you can't walk, use crutches, and don't have a walker?  Hope this works out.

In good spirits.

Mackenzie, her first signature.

Etta's best friend Mackenzie and Chloe's best friend Riley came over shortly after getting home from the hospital to sign the cast.  Mackenzie just recently got her cast off her arm and knows what Etta's going through.  Now we have a big bag of Sharpie markers and are ready for people to sign.  Just hope she can make it to school some day for people to actually sign it!


Jen said...

Poor Etta - hope it heals quickly!

Jill said...

Sending you prayers and patience. :) Poor Etta and poor mom. Cold a long couple of weeks. Have a glass of wine.

Jill said...

Ugh. Typing on IPad at midnight a challenge, was supposed to say could be a long couple of weeks.

Christy said...

It could be a long couple of weeks. State pageant next week followed by our Alaskas vacation. Hoping to get a walker soon.