Saturday, June 16, 2012

Cinderella Nevada State Pageant

The State Pageant has come and gone and it's time to post all the pictures and how Etta did throughout the week.  As you know she won the Cameo Pageant for the 5-6 year age group which was a great start to the week.  I'm sure lots of you are wondering how in the world can a pageant last so many days.  It was kind of nice since every day they only had to concentrate on one big competition rather than everything at once.
The first day started with getting to know everyone in their age division, which there were 16 girls ages 3-6 years old in the Tot division.  After the getting to know each other they took a group picture. 

Can you find Etta? Look for the hot pink cast.
The first competition was interview.  Parents aren't allowed in, just four girls and three judges.  It's funny, every time Etta comes out I ask how she did.  She always answers the same, "Good."  Then I ask what questions they asked and she has a hard time recalling.  It's so funny!  So, I have no idea how she did but know she looked good.
Here Etta is before the interview with the giant frog known as Prince Gilbert.
Waiting for her turn.
New friend Leah.
The first night we had a welcome dinner.  Etta is with a new friend Reagan and our roommate Autumn.
Bowling party after the Welcome Dinner.  Even Chloe came to participate.
Souvenir party after the bowling party.  Each girl brought a tiny gift for each girl at the pageant so they ended up with a bag full of goodies.
Doesn't she look cute?
The next morning Etta was taking a drink of water and she told me that her tooth was in the water bottle.  Finally!  It came out.  So, for her on stage interview (known as Tot Personality) she had a new smile.
Cinderella was the interviewer for the tots.
Etta being interviewed on stage by Cinderella.
I love her smile!
I thought she did great for her interview, especially since she has such a hard time talking in front of an audience.  She told Cinderella she would paint her a rainbow of her favorite colors.  I wish I had been in the audience to record it but I was backstage.

A Western Lunch Party, more dancing.
Etta loved a few teens, this was one of them (Jordan).
So cute together!
The Prince Gilbert Party.
The next morning the girls had modeling in their party wear.  Here Etta is again with Jordan.

I did fix that hair in front of her face.
Doesn't she look cute?
All the Tots in their partywear with last year's State Tot.
After party wear and lunch, the girls modeled in their casual wear.  She messed up on her introduction but otherwise still looked cute.  It made me nervous not knowing if that would decrease her chances in placing in the top 10 or top 5.
Casual wear.
Etta was done with competing and now it was time to wait.  The following morning was a PJ Party.  The moms were supposed to take a garment bag with their casual wear and tot personality clothes.  If they made the top 5, they would have to re compete for the crown.

Just so happens one of the other tots was wearing the same pajamas!
That afternoon was the Grand Finals.  They had a big production celebrating 35 years of the Cinderella pageant in Nevada.

 After the big production they narrowed the tots down to the Top 10, Etta made it!
Each of them got pulled out and sung too.
After the singing they narrow it down to top 5, my heart stopped when they called Etta second!
Here are the top 5 Tots.
The tots quickly went back to the dressing room to get changed into their casual wear.  They modeled again with their introduction.  This time Etta said it perfectly!
Top 5 in casual wear.

The girls had to wait a LONG time before their tot personality because Cinderella wasn't ready.  She was second in line and I reminded her to use complete sentences.  It wasn't as good as her first time being interviewed but it wasn't bad.  Unfortunately she didn't hear what Cinderella asked last and responded with "I don't know."  Ouch.

After all that she placed 4th alternate.  I am still so excited that she made Top 5 her first time at the state pageant.  Yes, she wanted to win the crown but her shyness and having a gimp wasn't going to help her win the state title.  She had a great time and is already asking to do preliminaries for the coming year.
Top 5 Tots.  You can tell Etta was teary eyed even though she promised not to cry.  Oh well, she's 6.


Jill said...

Congrats Etta!! I still giggle Christy you are a pageant mom. Will we be seeing you on Toddlers and Tiaras? I love love the lime green polka dot dress!

Christy said...

Jill, Toddlers and Tiaras wouldn't want anything to do with Cinderella since the girls aren't all dolled up with fake everything. It's too normal! I loved the green polka dot dress too. It was perfect for her.

Anonymous said...

congrats cindy sis hey never give up you will get there just keep doing your best.