Friday, June 15, 2012

2012 Nevada State Cameo Pageant

The night before the State Pageant began they offered an optional Cameo Pageant. I entered Etta because I figured it would be a good idea to get her accustomed to the stage and location of the judges before actually competing in state. We checked into the Texas Station Sunday afternoon and got ready for the pageant. My dad came to watch her and root her on.  She had been walking on her cast since the night before and said she didn't want to use her walker so I told her to go out, hit all of her X's, and say her introduction correctly, and we'd see what the judges thought.
Here she is just before the pageant.
Here she is in her cast cover and walking boot.  She had just finished her introduction said perfectly.
After she came off the stage I was so proud of her.  She modeled perfectly, said her introduction perfectly, and had a smile the judges loved.  Even with the cast, the judges surprised me by giving her 1st place!  I got a little teary eyed because I sure wasn't expecting that.  I knew she had done well but there was another girl that did wonderfully too.
Getting her sash and trophy.

Now for the crown

Takes awhile to get those crowns on.

Here she is with the State winners.

Can you tell she's happy?  Nevada State Cameo Winner age 5-6 years old.
Several of the winners.

All the Cameo Winners
That was a great way to start out our week of State Pageant.  Just to let you know, she did not win the State title if you are dying to know, but she did great!  I'll be posting pictures of it soon.    

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