Sunday, May 20, 2012

Zaria's Birthday Party

A friend had her birthday party at Soulfire Studio the other day and her theme was Sleeping Beauty.  It was our first time attending a party there and it was awesome.  Not only did they do a great job, but it's a view of what's to come for Chloe's birthday in July.  The lady that ran the entire birthday memorized each of the girls' names and was so enthusiastic it was amazing.  I have to request her for Chloe's birthday.  Makes me excited just thinking about it.  After the girls had some light make up put on they went to the dance room.  They all had to make a wish and use their magical key to unlock the tiny door into the room.  They look so cute with their eyes closed making wishes.

Once inside they each got to do ballet walks with a spin.
Chloe actually participated.
Zaria got to be the center of attention, literally.
Reading the Sleeping Beauty book.
Getting dressed up as Sleeping Beauty.
Dancing as if they are in the forest.
Chloe's turn
Etta walking like a princess.
All the little princesses
I had no idea that Cold Stone sold cupcakes.  But not just any cupcakes.  Instead of a liner it was a chocolate shell with ice cream and cake, fudge, and frosting.  Let me just say the girls are still talking about them.  They were messy, but they were enjoyed!
Just a little frosting on her nose.  She thinks it's soooo funny.
Just as messy.
Birthday girl enjoying her birthday cupcake.
The girls had a blast at Zaria's party.  I love watching the faces of my girls and their friends enjoy so much fun together!

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