Thursday, May 10, 2012

Where has the time gone?

I haven't been blogging lately because life has gotten busy.  At the end of each week I ask myself how time has gone as quickly as it has but then I realize it's gobbled up between driving, gymnastics lessons twice a week, play rehearsals, anything revolving around pageants, birthday parties, and the occasional entertaining.  Eric and I crave the once a week movie night where we have nothing planned and can just sit and relax.  I'm just amazed that the girls have three more weeks of school left and then it's summer break.  Again, where has the time gone?
One thing I'm looking forward to is the performance of the Alice in Wonderland musical Etta and I will be in May 21st at the Texas Sation Casino.  We've been going to rehearsal since the beginning of February and are ready to complete this project.  Proceeds go to a local charity called Be Kind that battles bullying in the local schools as well as the Cinderalla Scholarship program.  Some of the cost of Etta's state pageant will be covered since she is partaking in the play.  It's been a learning experience for her as well.  Even though their are times she doesn't want to go to practice she knows she has to plus she's learning to perform in front of people.  That has been the biggest step for her.  I'm interested to see if she remembers her lines when we actually perform on stage.  Luckily I'll be right next to her in case she doesn't.  She is the youngest in the play and her role is Rose Bud, I'll be the stern Rose.  Should be fun.
Etta and Chloe are enjoying gymnastics.  Etta is going 6 hours a week and has been asked to move to 9 hours a week during summer and then to team when we are ready.  Honestly I just can't imagine sitting in the parents room for another three hours a week.  If she wants to, then she can go the extra day but we have to get through the State Pageant in June as well as our week cruise to Alaska.  Once July comes, life should be much calmer!  Both the girls will be in the Spring Festival at gymnastics this Saturday where they get to perform for family members and even get trophies.  The girls were begging me to do it but Eric was supposed to be going to TDY which has fallen through.  So, pictures of that event to come.
Chloe just recently had a month of swim lessons.  It had been awhile since she swam in the backyard pool and it was a good refresher.  She's asking to do lessons again and hope this summer they both can do lessons again.  However, it's been warm enough here the last few weeks that we've been swimming in our own pool.  The girls ask every day after school to go swimming, I think today will be no exception.
I've been volunteering in Etta's class regularly this year and was asked to be on the PTSO school board next year and today they had the elections.  Looks like I'll be the secretary and can only imagine that it will be a busy year with all the fundraisers and activities the board works on.  Makes me feel good that I can be active with the kids' education.  I'm hoping that I'll be ready to go back to work sometime soon, but I want to enjoy some alone time without kids for a change!
Sorry this post didn't include any pictures.  It was nice to just sit down for a few minutes at the computer not worrying about dishes (only because I did that before hand!) or any other chore that needed to be done and just write my thoughts on the craziness that life can be when you let it get that way.  Being a mommy has been a great experience and I need to remember these moments and not let them slip away from me.

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Keiko said...

YAY on PTSO secretary! I have loved being PTO VP, but sadly, I must resign at the end of the year. I will definitely miss it!
You will have the greatest time!