Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Helldorado Parade

Helldorado days were last week in Vegas and the Cinderella Pageant had a covered wagon entered in the parade.  All the girls who participate were invited to ride the wagon and of course Etta wanted to be apart of it.  Chloe told me the day before she also wanted to be in it.  So, I had to do some last second shopping for her.  Of course it was in the 90's Saturday so they girls were hot hot hot.  Not to mention the wagon was #82 and it took about 90 minutes for us to leave our set up point.  That was the hardest part for the girls.  Once we started it only took 30 minutes to get through the entire route. They had fun smiling and waving at everyone we passed.  
Sitting up front for a picture
Trying to keep cool

All the Cinderella Girls that came for the parade
Almost done!
Eric was wonderful and parked at the end of the parade which happened to be right next to Fremont Street.  So, we took the girls and walked down a little ways to see the sites. The girls got a kick out all the people dressed up as characters.  Overall it was a good evening, especially for the girls.

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