Sunday, May 13, 2012

Gymnastics Spring Festival

The girls have been going to Go For It gymnastics for the last 14 months and are still enjoying it.  Some days Etta would prefer staying home and playing with her sister but once she gets there she enjoys herself.  Recently Etta's class was evaluated to see if each of the girls are ready to move up to the team.  Her coach said that when Etta and I are ready for the change that she's welcome on the team.  Etta goes 6 hours a week now, that would change to 12 hours a week on team, not including competitions.  Luckily Etta can stay where she is until she turns seven and for now that's what we plan on doing.  We may pick up another three hour class a week during the summer if she wants, but that's it!  Chloe in enjoying going once a week for about a 90 minute class.
Twice a year their is a festival for the kids to show off some of the things they have learned in front of all the parents.  It's a good time to get a better view of what they do.  Since the parents aren't exactly close to each event the pictures didn't turn out that well.  But some are better than none!  We had to watch out for both Etta and Chloe since each group went to a different event and performed. 
Chloe saying hi during the march of participants.
Etta's first event, bars.
Chloe wasn't too sure about doing the beam today.
Etta doing her floor routine.  Not sure why we didn't end up with more pictures:(
Chloe on bars
Etta's weakest even is the beam yet we got lots of pictures of her on it.  She did fairly good, just wobbly at times.

Chloe waiting for her turn on the vault, which was hilarious.  I wish I had recorded her vault.  It was just a mess.
Smiling before her vault.  She's so cute.
Chloe's floor routine included her new cartwheel!
Everyone got a trophy for participating.
One happy girl!
Another happy girl!
I'm happy that Eric got to see the girls perform.  I sit in the parent room 6 hours a week watching Etta and Chloe practice but Eric only gets glimpses every once in awhile.  This was good for everyone.

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