Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Another Birthday Party!

The girls' friends Kenna and Deegan turned 5 and had their birthday party at Floyd Lamb Park.  I wish I had fishing poles!  Regardless, the kids had lots of fun running around playing with each other.  We even took the girls' Jeep with us so they and everyone else got a chance to drive around being silly.  Unlike our backyard, it was a wide open field without the obstacle course.  So, the Jeep didn't run into anything (even for those bad drivers).  I was surprised that it wasn't as hot as expected, good thing for shade!
Chloe enjoyed collected goose feathers.  I know disgusting, but I wasn't going to make a scene.

Stacie bought tons of eggs at Costco and the kids played tons of games.  I'm thinking that pavilion will be stinky the following day.

Passing the eggs

One of Etta's eggs actually landed on the plate!
Transformer pinata, it surprisingly didn't hold much stuff inside. 
Regardless, the boys had fun hitting it and picking up what did come out.

Now, this cupcake was full of candy!
I love Chloe's tongue sticking out in concentration.
Etta was throwing some good swings
Bags full of candy!
Little cupcakes.
Poor Kenna was running a fever during her birthday but was such a trooper.  Etta and Chloe had so much fun playing with all their friends.  It's crazy seeing the kids growing up.  Looks like Chloe's birthday party is next.  Luckily I have some time to figure out the finer details.

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