Monday, May 28, 2012

Alice in Wonderland

Since February Etta and I have been attending play rehearsals for an Alice in Wonderland play.  I had the role of Rose and Etta as Rose Bud.  The play director is the director of the Cinderella pageant Etta won in December.  The pageant offered a reduced State Pageant cost if they performed in the play.  I knew Etta would have a hard time getting up on stage and performing with out me being nearby, that's why I offered to take part in the play.  Let me just say, I was the only adult so you know how weird if was for me! 
After months of practicing, the Texas Station gave us their ballroom free of charge to perform.  We didn't have a huge turn out but Etta was happy enough to have several friends come as well as her kindergarten teacher.  It was our first time practicing on the stage and with microphones.  It could have gone smoother with more practice but I thought it went fairly well.
Etta looked so cute in her rose bud costume, she loved it.  I'm am thankful that Eric didn't get a good picture of me.  I was in a green gown with roses in my hair.  Of course I was too big for any costumes that were purchased.
This is the set, we're just waiting to start the play.
The flowers, we sing All In the Golden Afternoon (you can barely see my standing behind the girls).
I think this is where we sing "There are dizzy daffodils on the hillside."
"All in a golden afternoon"
This is Etta's good pageant friend Sarah, here she plays the Door Mouse.
The White Rabbit, all of my friends said he did a great job.
After the play Etta posed for several pictures.
Etta's friends and several cast members.
Etta with some of the cast.
Etta and her gang.
As soon as the play ended, all of Etta's friends as well as Chloe said they want to do the next play.  You should have seen the faces on their moms, they are not ready to make that commitment.  Etta also says she wants to do the next play but rehearsals won't begin until next year.  We have lots of time to relax and not worry about it.  I wonder what the next play will be?  Either way...I'll be watching the practices from the sidelines!

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