Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Third Day in Concert

About 6 years ago we went to see Switchfoot in concert at the House of Blues and found out we had just missed Third Day in concert.  Eric and I were really bummed since they are one of our favorite groups.  So, I have since been connected with Third Day by getting emails with upcoming tour dates and what not.  Finally, we live in the states and they are on tour again.  Lucky for us they were coming through Vegas and I bought tickets as a Valentine's present.  Eric probably wonders if I bought those tickets more for me than him.  I say both of us!
This time Third Day was scheduled to play outside at a church, Calvary Chapel Spring Valley.  Unfortunately we are in the windy season so it was brought inside which isn't very big so some people didn't make it inside.  All I can say is I'm glad we showed up when we did because we lucked out and sat in the front row.  Of course it was at the corner but it was still super close!

Happy Eric and Christy, just waiting for the show to start.
Our view from the corner.
They had two opening acts, Trevor Morgan and Matt Maher.  We hadn't heard of Trevor Morgan before since he's an independant artist but he sure could sing.  We hadn't heard of Matt Maher until we heard him sing.  Several of the songs were familiar to us from the three radio stations we listen too.  They were great.  Then came Third Day.  They were awesome.  They even sang a bunch of their older songs that we listened too constantly back in our early days together.  Who knew they have been together for 20 years?  Here's a few pictures of the lead singer Mac Powell.

Now that I've written this blog and posted pictures I feel the need to put on one of their cds to listen too.  What an exciting date for Eric and I since we've been listening to Third Day for as long as we have been.  If you've never had the please to hear them before, I know you can listen to their concert on the website.  Check it out.

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