Sunday, April 01, 2012

Spring Cameo Pageant

 Last Friday Etta entered in a pageant she could compete in.  She isn't allowed to compete for anymore titles this year since winning in December.  But this cameo pageant is special.  Anyone holding a title this year can compete.  Etta was pretty excited at the possibility of winning a crown and worked really hard on a new introduction and her modeling.  Unfortunately when it came time to compete the mic was low so she was bent down looking at the ground when she introduced herself.  Then she forgot to do her step step turn.  She looked great but those two things attributed to her getting first alternate.  She wasn't too happy about it but I consider this learning experience for her so she can do better next time.  She definitely has fears when she's in front of an audience.
Etta modeling (we had front row seating).

Etta another the eventual winner during group judging. 

Etta and her friend Sarah dancing to the disco Cindy.
Etta winning first alternate

Etta will get a chance to do score sheet only at pageant later this month at the Santa Fe Station Casino just for practice, then the state pageant is in June.  She's so excited about this stuff!

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