Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Sponsors for State Pageant

I can't believe it's already April.  We're celebrating Spring Break this week and tomorrow we're headed to Phoenix for a few days.  Once we return on Sunday, I'll only have several more days before I turn in Etta's state pageant entry form.  I'm turning it in early for a $50 discount.  Every bit helps.  One thing I haven't talked much about is trying to pick up sponsors.  Etta asks friends, family, and businesses to support her at State Pageant by purchasing an advertisement in the catalog.  So far we have ROCK THE TEA, Amazing Star Girl Face Painting, Soulfire Studios, and my parents with Legacy Goldens.  Etta's gymnastics Go For It decided not to purchase and advertisement, but instead sponsored her by writing a check to apply to her entry fee.  Wow!  I wasn't expecting that.  Here's the ads that are already done.

The owner of ROCK THE TEA and I put this half page ad together.
Etta's art teacher also does face painting and henna tattoos.  She was awesome at the Fall Festival.  I ended up recommending her to a friend for a birthday party and did such a great job.  I figured I'd ask her if she was interested in an ad and she picked a quarter page and designed this one herself.

Soulfire Studios wanted to design their own quarter page ad and I'm anxiously waiting to see it.  I'm working on an ad for my mom and hoping to get some really good pictures of her 5 week old litter to add to it. 
If you would like to support Etta, please let me know.  Part of the proceeds help towards Etta's entry fee and will also go towards a community support award given out at the State Pageant in June. 

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