Monday, April 09, 2012

Sagebrush Ranch

A few weeks ago I saw a groupon for Sagebrush Ranch.  For $26 we got a family of four hayride, egg hunt, pony rides, and petting zoo with a chance to feed the animals.  Not to mention it was less than three miles from the house.  It was so awesome sounding quite a few friends purchased the groupon too.  What we got was a little different than I envisioned!
My biggest complaint was at check in when they forced a $3 per person gratuity.  Umm, that was not in the fine print.  If it was fun, we would have tipped at the end.  Oh well, we were the first to get on the next hayride so we were sitting up front.  Etta, Chloe, and their two best friends sat up with the driver.  The hayride was fun, especially since it went around mostly beautiful horse property. 
This was the wagon we ended up riding.
The girls riding with the driver.
Friends Andrea and Lewis

Besties Chloe and Riley
Mackenzie and Etta
Our hayride was done at noon and we were told they were out of eggs and prizes. So, we hung out by the pissed off pony tied to a fence. We didn't get too close since it was kicking it's hind legs and throwing dirt on anyone getting too close (kind of funny but yet sad).  There was a horse in the corral and we were told that the kids could ride it as long as they wore a helmet.  Well, once the kids had helments no one was around the guide them around the corral.  So, while the Sagebrush workers watched from afar, us parents lead the horse around with our kids riding.  Let me just say, none of us know anything about horses. 
Eric leading Etta and the horse around.
Chloe's first time riding a horse.
Finally, their were eggs and prizes ready for the kids.  They had two horse corrals filled with empty plastic eggs.  One was for the younger kids and the other for the older kids.  It was just our kids and a few others and they ran around picking up as many as they could until they were called back to pick out prizes. 

Etta and Mackenzie picking up eggs
Chloe's turn
The girls got to pick from stickers, pinwheels, and other little trinkets.  The kids were happy with their afternoon outing but I was slightly let down.  Why would you make people tip upfront (because you know people won't tip if they have a bad experience and no one tipped the previous day)?  Why advertise a petting zoo when you clearly don't have one?  Also, don't mention picturesque when all we have to look at is dirt corrals.  Would I do this again?  No, I'm going to do an egg hunt in my backyard or my neighborhood park next year. It will cost a lot less and won't let me down.

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Jill said...

That stinks that the place was so unorganized. It looked like it could be a fun place.