Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Mini Grand Prix

Etta and Chloe had been turning in box tops and labels for education all year long and just before spring break Etta came home with a prize for collecting the most box tops at the school.  I didn't even know there was a competition going on!  I was getting them from family and friends (as well as ourselves too) and turning them in to help the school.  Who knew in the end we'd win something?  Anyway, Etta won a party at the Las Vegas Mini Grand Prix for herself and five friends.  They's get ride tickets, arcade coins, and free pizza.  It's like a mini birthday part minus the birthday. 
We thought spring break would be the perfect time since Eric was taking a couple of days off to hang out with us.  We had a few of Etta's friends meet us there for lots of fun.  We rode roller coasters, big slides, and and spinning ride. 
A lot of the kids were too short to ride without adults. Luckily they let the adults ride for free.
It's a small ride but we got to go around three times.  Chloe screamed like a little girl!
I love Sarah's face.
Race car time.
Chloe wasn't so sure about it.


Etta and McKenna
Chloe riding the airplanes with some friends.
The girls loved the tall slide.

I even got to ride it with Chloe.
The last ride of the day, this spinning ride the kids ended up loving.
Me taking a break from spinning them sensless.
The girls each got 6 arcade coins and they didn't last long!  Most of them played games that they could win tickets from and exchanged them for candy.  Lots of candy.  Then they followed it up with pizza and lemonade.  They had such a good time.  I've decided to collect and hold onto the rest of our box tops for Chloe to take to school next year.  Maybe she can win something fun too.  If you guys don't collect box tops for your school feel free to save them for us:)

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