Saturday, April 21, 2012

Last Pageant Before State

It's official, Etta is going to the Cinderella State Pageant this June.  Today was the last preliminary pageant in the state of Nevada and Etta entered as a score sheet only.  We thought it would be great practice for her to get in stage in front of an audience one last time.  Plus she needs all the help she can get on her Tot Personality (or as I like to call it "On stage interview").  Yesterday Chloe had mentioned that she wanted to go to the pageant and win a crown and trophy.  I told her she was more than welcome to go as long as she practiced with Etta.  Practice lasted about two minutes before she decided to change her mind.  Back to just Etta going.
It was great that today's pageant, The Nevada Open, was held nearby at the Santa Fe Station Casino.  A friend of mine loaned me some hot rollers to try in Etta's hair for the first time and I have to say we had success.  Trying to figure out fine thing hair has been problematic for me.  But, looks like we have a winner! 
Just before her closed door interview.  She looks a little nervous.
Here are all the Tots (ages 3-6)

Turns out she did pretty good in the closed door interview.  I only know this because I paid for a score card.  She's vastly improved since the beginning of the year when she gave one word answers.  She's working on complete sentences now!  Of course the judge says she should be expanding more. 
Next is modeling in casual wear.  She gives and introduction of herself and she did pretty well except she forgot a turn after her intro and she was a little fidgety.  Not sure what to do about that!  Looks like we need to find a new outfit for state since this isn't appropriate for the season.  I hate shopping for the kids because that means I have to drag them both with me from store to store.  Not fun!
Much happier about modeling!
After casual wear they switch into their party dress.  Since Etta's other dresses are considered to be too loose I picked up this size 4 (yeah, you heard me) dress at Burlington the other day to see how the judges would like it.  Well, let me just say the judge loved the color, style, and fit on her.  We have a winner for state!
She loves the dress too much, I need to teach her to keep her fingers off her dress while on stage.
Last but not least is the Tot Personality which is the hardest part of the pageant for Etta.  It's getting up on state and asked personal questions in front of everyone.  She isn't big on talking to strangers let alone in front of a lot of strangers. 
Ready to take the stage.
The Nevada Cinderella Woman was interviewing Etta and she did a great job except several questions stumped Etta.  For example what do you like to do at gymnastics?  I can see Etta's mind thinking, "I like to do gymnastics and gymnastics" but obviously couldn't say that so she said a bridge.  Of course the next question was to describe a bridge.  Well, that's not something Etta could describe or do so she was pretty much silent.  It's not the worst she's ever done but it wasn't pretty to watch either.  
Darn, the judge said she liked this dress but needs to be shorter (at the knee). Maybe she'll hit a growth spurt and I don't have to get it hemmed or purchase something else.  Here's for hoping.
After all her events were done she got back into her prettiest dress as well as her sash and crown from the preliminary she won in December.  Since she wasn't actually competing I thought this was a good reminder that she couldn't win anything since she already has a crown.  She was still bummed she couldn't come home with a trophy.  Instead she got another piggy bank that she got from the last pageant.  Let me just add that she was not happy about this, but when she came home she gave her sister the extra piggy bank.  Kind of choked me up!
Waiting for the awards.
There was one other girl doing score card only, obviously getting ready for state as well.
There was a party right after the pageant which included drinks and pizza.  Let me just tell you Etta was super excited about that!  Even though she didn't "compete" she had a good time getting dressed up, hair all pretty, and seeing some friends.  I can't believe how much she enjoys doing pageants.  Let me just say she brings up the state pageant fairly often.  It's not too far away either. 

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