Saturday, April 14, 2012

Grandma's House

During the last part of spring break the girls and I headed to Phoenix. The main reason was a four day dog show at the Cardinals' stadium that my mom wanted me to help show at. It just so happened that my mom had 6 week old puppies from DeeDee and Jack so the girls ended up playing with them as much as they could. The girls quickly learned that it's nearly impossible to play with 10 puppies without getting mauled so we had to bring two puppies out at a time for the girls to play with. Here are a few pictures of yellow and pink puppy (they are referred to the color of their collars).

Chloe loved yellow puppy because she would just stay still in her lap and not move.  What a moush!

Etta was partial to pink because, well it's one of her favorite colors!
After the show on Saturday afternoon we came back to my parents house and hid a bunch of plastic and real eggs in the backyard.  We were going to the dog show on Sunday so it only made sense to have it a day early.  Let me just say, the girls had tons of eggs to find.  I should have asked my mom for pictures of Chloe before posting this.  I ran around following Etta and took pictures.  She did the same for Chloe.  Oh well, here are pictures of Etta.

See the egg in the tree.  Tricky!


They finished their egg hunt.
Time to count the eggs.
More eggs than they know what to do with.
One of Chloe's favorite items from Easter.
 I took a few more pictures of the girls with light pink and dark pink.

Don't you just love this face?!
Jack in the open class


It was a quick trip to Phoenix and back. Unfortunately I did nothing in the ring with Jack and nothing really with my mom's puppy Persia. Looks like I'm done showing until Fall. My mom is thinking of sending Jack to Canada to see if he can get a championship there.  DeeDee's puppies are going home this weekend and their is still one boy left.  Hope he finds a home soon.  My mom is keeping a girl out of the litter, can't wait to find out which one.  

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