Thursday, March 08, 2012

DeeDee and Jack Puppies

The girls and I went to Phoenix for five days so I could help show Jack for four days worth of shows and my mom's six month old girl Persia for one day.  It was the Western Regional so there was some big competition that long weekend and neither of them did anything worth mentioning here on my blog:(  Very sad but the girls and I will go back during spring break to try another show.  This time I'll be showing Persia two days and Jack for three.  My mom is even going to take her new papillon Mick out herself.  Hopefully I'll have lots of pictures and good news from that weekend.
Some of you know already but while at my parents house my dad had some medical problems and ended up riding an ambulance to the ER.  The doctors were concerned it was a stroke induced vertigo but after a day of tests my dad was sent home with some medication to keep vertigo at bay.  It was a scary day with the worst case scenario on everyone's brain but were relieved with the doctor's final assessment.
The girls' favorite part of visiting grandma and poppy (besides seeing them of course!) was seeing DeeDee and Jack's (my favorite girl and boy that my mom has) week old litter of puppies.  She has six girls and four boys and each one got lots of love from Etta and Chloe.  Chloe wasn't as camera ready so most of the pictures are of puppies and Etta!

What a good mamma.

These pictures were taken by none other than Etta.

Trying to peek open their eyes.
I love seeing cute sleeping puppies.
More cute sleeping puppies.

When we go back to Phoenix next month the puppies will be at the cutest stage, fluffy balls of pure fun.


Emma Green said...

Oh such cute babies! It's too bad the show didn't turn out as good as one might have hoped, but I'm sure you will all do great at the next cluster. Good luck!

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