Monday, February 06, 2012

Field Trip to the Mirage's Dolphin

Chloe's special ed class has class field trips every other month or so and the most recent field trip was to the Mirage hotel casino's Secret Garden Dolphin Habitat.  I'm in charge of getting Chloe there on time, no buses for this age group.  However, the kids are always free of charge and we got a smokin' deal for the adults to get in for only $5. 
We arrived at the perfect time because they were just about to start training the dolphins.  All the kids from the morning and afternoon preschool class lined up to watch all the dolphins. 
Here's one of the dolphins swimming up close and watching us.
Just missed the dolphin in the background.  But you can tell how happy Chloe is.
Occasionally the dolphins would just swim right up and strike a pose for everyone.
The trainer had him come up on a scale next to see how much he weighed.
Some of the dolphins practiced their jumps.
The dolphin behind Chloe was doing spins.
We happen  to stand next to all the coolers holding fish so the dolphins constantly came up to the 'shore' to check Chloe and I out.  It was so up close and personal that all the kids loved it.
Next we went into the gardens and saw white tigers, a white lion, and several leopards.  Chloe loved seeing the cats, especially the ones that we up and walking around.  She still can't believe that they are cats.  Those were just a little bigger than she's used to seeing.

Inside the gardens
Not sure when the next field trip is but I enjoy the special time Chloe and I have together.

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Very fun!!