Thursday, February 02, 2012

Etta's Birthday Present

Etta's birthday present has been a hot debate since Etta's birth.  I have never had a problem with the idea of ear piercing, probably since I've had them since I three years old.  However, Eric has been firm on the idea of waiting until the girls are old enough to know what they are asking for and remember the experience.  Of course Etta's two best friends here in Vegas have their ears pierced and she's been asking for them for the last 6 months.  After much talking, Eric and I agreed to make it a huge deal and let Etta get her ears done on her birthday.
Etta's birthday fell on a Monday and had no school.  It was so nice of the school to plan the day off around her birthday (so she thinks).  We had one of her BFFs Mackenzie stay the night and then come with Etta to hold her hand for the ear piercing.  Eric even took the day off of work. 
Of course Etta wanted the 5mm CZ since they were the most sparkly ones but the lady at Claire's suggested the smaller ones.  I thought she was going to pick the sparkly flowers but opted for the fake diamonds.
Chloe and Mackenzie for support.  Mackenzie held her hand the entire time!
Marking the spots for the piercings.
 Video of Etta getting ready for the piercings.
Piercing number one.
Piercing number two.

Watch Etta's face change through the video.  I think she was rather shocked at the pain.  But, she never cried probably because she had Mackenzie's hand to hold throughout the process.
All done!
A better view of her new piercing.
I'm in charge of all the cleanings...three times a day.
I'm proud of Etta handling the piercing as well as she crying!  She loves her earrings and can't wait to change them out with something else once the initial 6 weeks are up.  I'm thinking she might get another pair for Valentine's Day.
Chloe was hilarious later that day.  She says, "I don't want my ears pierced!"  I think she noticed it hurt and doesn't want to go through it.  We'll see what she says in a few years.


Keiko said...

Hehehe She was a trooper. I'm still glad that I had Brooklyn's done at 2 months. She barely even flinched, wasn't mobile enough to mess with them and get them infected, and she's none the wiser. Etta looks gorgeous with them! Not like she didn't before, though.

Jill said...

She is getting so big. How do you like the book about the island you are reading now?

Christy said...

Keiko, I can see the advantages of getting them done so early. Thanks for the sweet comment on Etta. She's loving them.
Jill, I really liked it. An author I like recommended it so my mom read it first then me. I liked it because the love story is sooo different than anything else I've read.

Jill said...

Ok I might give it a try. For us former teachers, I thought the romance part might be really weird.

Christy said... was really strange in the beginning but it grows on you. Imagine being stuck on an island for years!