Friday, January 06, 2012

Rock the Tea

A friend of mine mentioned Plum District (kind of like groupon) had a deal for Rock the Tea.  We had done a huge girly play date over the summer there and the girls had a blast.  So we decided to do the deal again!  We were so lucky to get an appointment for the day before school started back up for the new year.
For those of you unfamiliar with Rock the Tea, the play date includes dressing up, getting nails and light make up done, playing with toys or coloring while waiting for everyone to get dolled up, a fashion runway show, tea (in this case pink lemonade) and goldfish, story time, and then freeze dance.  All that in an hour and the kids have a blast.  Here's how our play date went.
Chloe choose this dress.  You should have seen the green crown, necklace, and boa she had originally picked.  Yikes.

Tatum, Etta, and Mackenzie getting nails and make up done.

Etta loves getting dolled up.

While waiting, the younger girls played with My Little Ponies.

Marley, Riley, and Chloe

The younger girls' turn for nails.
The girls playing dress up with dolls.

and coloring.

Time for the fashion show!

Did you notice Chloe was missing for the fashion show?  She was more interested in looking at the Fancy Nancy books that the show.  But she resurfaced when it was time for tea time.
Snacks can always draw Chloe's attention.

Happy girls!

A book about Polite Princesses.
Freeze dance.
The girls (minus Chloe) after the fashion show.

It's wonderful sitting back and watching the girls enjoy themselves this much for an hour.  I may just have to keep my eyes open for more Rock the Tea discounts.  My newest purchase was Chloe's birthday party at a dance studio.  More on that this July.  Just a few more weeks until Etta's birthday!


Olyvia Smiles said...

The girls look fabulous! What a fun play date!!!!

Jill said...

Lots of crowns, looks fun for the girls!!