Monday, January 23, 2012

Etta's Sixth Birthday Party

Just before Halloween the girls' elementary school had a Fall Festival.  I had acquired several items for the silent action and raffle for the school and one of the items was a gift certificate for a birthday party at Go For It USA (Etta's and Chloe's gymnastics).  If you don't recall, you can check out that blog that mentions I won the raffle for the free birthday party.  Here we are several months later and finally using the gift certificate for Etta's 6th birthday.  In case you are wondering, Etta really wanted her party here.
Since I got the party at such a discount, I decided to forgo making her birthday cake and had a military spouse custom make one for Etta.  I gave Chloe's Tinkerbell and friends figurines to her and a general descriptions of what I want.  Let me just say, it looked great!

Personally made for Etta by Aulbrey Thompson.
 Eric took several hundred pictures during Etta's party. I picked a few that best represented the fun...
The first activity...the gigantic bounce house.
Chloe sliding.
A very happy Etta.
One of the best jumps into a mini foam pit.
Chloe going in.
Doing a front roll on a wedge.
Yes, Etta is flipping.  Crazy girl.
The procession on the balance beam.
In pairs, everyone got a chance to climb the rope.  This was the highest Chloe has gotten unassisted.  I think the rope in our backyard is helping:)
The very last two to go, Etta and Mackenzie; showing how to climb all the way to the top.
Etta loves the rope.
Next, each kid was put into a barrel and rolled off a nice ledge into a huge foam pit.  This may have been the highlight of the party.  Unfortunately everyone only got to go once, except the birthday girl got to go twice.
Etta falling into the pit.
Getting out of the should have seen that smile!
This was such a great photo I couldn't leave it out.  Let me just say, these kids had fun!
Spencer was in charge of the party and he's also on the tumbling team.  He gave the kids several shows and got lots of ooooos and aaaaahhhhs. 
Etta can't duplicate what Spencer does, but she had fun on the trampoline.
Chloe doing a flip into the pit.  All the kids (adults too) got plenty of play time in the pit.  One of the all time favorites for my girls.
After cake and ice cream Etta opened up her presents.  It was kind of chaotic but what do you expect with 14 kids around wrapped and bagged presents.  Here are the pictures Eric took of her opening presents.  We almost got all the presents pictured but a few didn't get pictured:(

Mermaid barbie!

Gymnastic bag, matching water bottle, and Hello Kitty slippers!
Singing Jasmine! (She has since gotten some tape put over her speaker so she is at a reasonable volume now)
Red headed Barbie!
And the crowd's ice cream maker.  I can't count on my fingers and toes how many kids have asked to come over for some ice cream or if we can make ice cream right now.  Let's get through the left over cake and get into the 80's before thinking of that.
As you can tell, everyone had a great time.  Spencer did an awesome job at Go For It USA, giving us a memorable birthday party for Etta.  I hope all our friends had equally a good time.  I still can't believe my little 4lb 9oz baby is six years old now.


Jill said...

Happy birthday Etta!! Looks like a great time.

Jen said...

Looks like it was a lot of fun!! I can't believe Etta is 6 either...crazy. Happy Birthday Etta!

Olyvia Smiles said...

Happy Birthday, Etta!!! Looks like ya'll had a lot of fun celebrating!!!!