Wednesday, December 07, 2011


This is a tough post for me since this Thanksgiving Day was crazy!  A week before Thanksgiving Eric gave me the heads up that he may be home for Thanksgiving.  I truly was expecting him to be in Turkey still and planned to take the girls to Phoenix for Thanksgiving so it was a huge mental change.  Imagine me buying everything needed for the meal not really knowing if Eric was going to be home or not.  Crazy.  Eric got tickets to arrive home the night before Thanksgiving just two days before he was scheduled to leave so it took a lot of effort to plan the holiday out.  Eric's parents came out Wednesday a few hours before he was supposed to arrive but Eric got stuck in Baltimore because his flight arrived late.  So, he landed in Vegas about 1pm on Thanksgiving Day.  I sent Eric's parents to pick him up so I could have the turkey dinner on the table shortly after coming home.  But...our friend Hiro (Rico's dad) from Japan was in town for several days and was free that afternoon to see us.  After Eric's parents picked him up at the airport they swung by the Mirage to pick Hiro up.  We haven't seen Hiro since right before leaving Japan two Septembers ago.  It's been too long.
Hiro with the Winterbottom family.
This was the first time I've cooked a full turkey and I used the recipe Ma Lipo's Apricot Glazed Turkey with Roasted Onion Shallot Gravy.  It was yummy!
Eric carving the turkey...and tasting it at the same time.
The girls playing with some gifts from Japan.
Hiro enjoying an American Thanksgiving meal.
Reverting to the Japanese peace sign.
Etta doesn't like pie, but she likes whipped cream.
Way too much food
It was a couple of crazy days but I was pretty excited to have Eric home and having a chance to spend some time with Hiro, which was way too short.  Wow, I've forgotten a lot of Japanese in the past 15 months.  Now we have Christmas dinner to look forward to with my parents (and maybe Eric's parents too).

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