Wednesday, December 28, 2011

DIY Headband and Hair Clip Holders

If you've ever seen Etta and Chloe's bathroom you know that I'm swimming in cute hair clips and head bands.  They've been in Ziploc bags and make shift holders for awhile.  I did seem research on DIY projects and found the ones I liked the most and were easy enough for me to do.  My most recent project was last night, a headband holder.
Two headband holders, the bottom one was made from a large canister full or dishwasher tabs.  It's pretty big but works with several of the girls' headbands.

 Here is what you need:
 Nice paper, or fabric if you want to keep it in the bathroom (you know it's going to get wet).

With the help of some rubber cement and some of my scrap booking double sided tape, this is what the end product looks like.  If the girls get anymore headbands I'm going to have to make more!
The first DIY project I did was a hair clip holder.  I was having a hard time finding the matching pairs in the morning while doing the girls' hair and it was driving me nuts.  Eric has tons of scrap wood so I was in charge of finding all the other components.  I went to Joanne's and picked out some fabric (actually Etta picked out the sparkly pink zebra fabric) and batting on sale, then to Michael's who has a great selection of ribbon.  With Eric's help with his handy compressor stapler, this is the end product.  You may not be able to see any of the ribbon since it's so crowded!
Here's what you need: MDF, batting, fabric of your choice, and some matching ribbon.  There are several options to hang it to the wall but I used the Command Brand Damage Free Hanging/ Picture Hanging Strips, medium size.  They look like Velcro and stick pretty well without putting holes in the wall.  However, they aren't cheap.
The girls' bathroom is still messy, time to think of another DIY project!

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