Saturday, December 10, 2011

Cinderella Pageant

The girls were in their third pageant today.  It was the Greater Las Vegas Cinderella Pageant.  Etta has been looking forward to this one because Eric would be there to watch for the first time.  She has mentioned several times that she would win because daddy would be watching.  How cute!
Etta waiting for the casual wear modeling.
After giving her little speech, she models for the panel of judges (which included some guy that's been on America's Got Talent two times).
Chloe giving her introduction to the judges for casual wear.
Party dress modeling.
Chloe in her party dress.

Etta during her on stage interview.  This is where she has had difficulty in previous pageants.  She's been practicing her questions but needs more work talking with and to strangers.  She's very uncomfortable.
Chloe during her on stage interview.  She looks pretty animated but can't remember what about.
Chloe ended up winning Most Beautiful Smile of all the contestants and Photogenic Tot (the 3-6 year old group).
Etta finally won her age division today!

Etta waving to everyone.  I find the flip flops funny.  Each winner got a pair, but they may be big enough to fit me.  I better try them on!
A big trophy, a big crown, a banner, a box full of goodies, and even a little glass Christmas angel decoration.  Etta is in heaven!
All the participants of the day plus Nevada State/local/and even one International Royalty.

The Greater Las Vegas pageant winners.
A very happy Etta.
Chloe ended up melting down after she saw Etta's box.  Of course she wanted a box and didn't have a box since she didn't win the age division.  Oh well.  I told her she needs to practice like Etta if she wants to win a box!  Etta is already talking about doing the state pageant in July.  Let me get a good night sleep before even thinking about that.  I'm amazed at how much she enjoys this and looks forward to everything that has to do with pageants.

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Jen said...

Congrats Etta! Both girls look beautiful! :)