Sunday, December 18, 2011


It's been awhile since blogging about bentos.  Now that the girls are out for Christmas break I'm not worried about what Etta is having for lunch the next day.  However, they are already talking about tomorrow's lunch, which they'll be having at gymnastics half day camp.  I'm going to look back at the last few week's bentos and see if anything will work for tomorrow. 
Nest: here is a type of spaghetti with quail eggs (or use mini mozzarella balls) as baby chicks.
Tulips:  I make this a lot with different variations.  Regardless, I always use quail eggs that I dye different colors.

Piggy: I made an onigiri (rice ball) then covered it with some lunch meat.  Cut out some decorations to complete the look.
Cold weather food: Etta loves her thermos so she asked for some left over spaghetti with shredded mozzarella on top.  This keeps food warm for hours!
Pizza:  The night before I made home made pizzas.  I had some left over dough, sauce, and toppings so I made a perfect individual pizza for her to take for lunch.
Mooooo: How cute is this cow?
Snowman: With Christmas time coming I was inspired to make a snowman with onigiri.  Let me just say, Etta LOVED this bento.
All Hearts: Aya sent me this bento maker but all the directions are in Japanese.  Until Eric sits down and helps me, I'll be left to do the easy ones, like this.  I colored some rice, rolled it, and shaped it into a heart.  Then, rolled it into plain rice.
Santa: This was Etta's last bento before the break. I had no idea how to make a Santa but made a rice ball face, apple peel hat, and some fluffy rice for a beard and hat tip.  This made Etta very happy.    


Stacy said...

You are AMAZING! I was thinking that if school lunch cooks would take the time to do cute things like that kids would love it (and gobble up the veggies, too, I bet!) Way to go!

Jen said...

You are so awesome. :)