Sunday, November 20, 2011

Starting Early This Year

Looks like Eric will be coming home this week for Thanksgiving (maybe, possibly, not sure since he doesn't have tickets yet).  To make life easier for him I wanted to do something today that he wouldn't have to worry about in the next week or two...Christmas decorating.  To me, Christmas decorations don't get pulled out until December but what's a week and a half early?  However, I don't think I'd volunteer to do that again myself.   It took me forever to figure out Eric's new ladder (about 20 minutes), get the attic door open (another good 5 minutes), and then figure out how to get the boxes down myself without breaking my neck.  Chloe would ask every few minutes, "Are you hurt mommy?"  Luckily, I didn't break my neck.
Here is our sparse living room before Christmas decorations.
Moved the chairs to face the tree.   The tree is so much shorter than I remember.
A nighttime view.

A cute pink tree a friend of mine gave the girls.  Etta and Chloe put a handful of ornaments on it today too.  

Etta and Chloe had a great time decorating the tree.  They are ready for me to light up the entire house but I'm pretty sure that will wait for Eric. 

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Jill said...

Did Eric make it home? Happy Thanksgiving. Love the trees. I am going to start on mine this weekend.