Friday, November 18, 2011

Max & Ruby Bunny Party

A good friend of mine (who is obviously more informed than I am) told me that a Max and Ruby show was coming to town.  If you know my kids, you know that they love Max and Ruby.  The girls kept asking me questions about the upcoming show and I honestly couldn't answer since this was going to be all knew to me.  Regardless, we were all happy with the end results.  We were in the seventh row and had great seats until a really tall dad sat in front of of.  We had to do some shuffling and sitting on my lap then all worked out well. 

Enjoying some cotton candy before the show.
"Check out my new light wand.  Mommy's a sucker!"

The first set.
Ruby and Max
Bus ride to the market
Surprise Birthday Party for Grandma

I'd still prefer to see Phantom of the Opera or something along those lines but it was nice to take the girls to something that they particularly love.  I had two sleeping girls on the way home.  It was a good evening:)

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