Saturday, November 05, 2011

Cinderella Pageant- Nye County

The girls and I drove to Pahrump early this morning for the Cinderella Pageant which Etta really wanted to go to.  There were only four girls in the tot group including Etta and Chloe.  Odds were in our favor.

The tot group plus reigning royalty.

The state tot winner last year gave out little gifts to the girls after the closed door interview.  Here's Etta holding her prized gift.

Chloe was having a good time.
The girls seem to enjoy each other at the pageants.
After the interview they change into casual wear and model.  They give a little introduction during the model as well.
 The tot group in the casual wear clothes.
I was so excited to see Etta model in her party dress.  She's been working on her step step turn for the last two months and finally did it on stage for the first time.  She did excellent!

Chloe in her party dress.

The tot group in party dress during collected judging.

Happy Chloe.
 Award Time....
Etta won a medal for prettiest eyes.
Chloe won two medals, one for best casual wear and for prettiest smile.
Chloe won Most Beautiful.  She did great today!

Etta was doing excellent today.  She was posed to win...then she had tot personality which is an onstage interview.  It was horrible.  She was asked yes and no questions and then had two questions she didn't answer and it was painful to watch.   After that, I figured there was no way she was going to win the overall title.  I was unfortunately correct. 
Etta took home Photogenic Tot.
Chloe was happy to bring home a sash, two medals, and a bigger crown this time.  Etta was disappointed that she didn't win the overall title but was excited about her crown and trophy.   Not sure what else we can do to work on her talking to strangers and answering vague questions in front of an audience.  Another pageant December 10th in Vegas.  To do it or not to do it?  That is the question....


Jill said...

One word for you...... CRAZY!!! You are a pageant mom I can hardly type that without giggling. Loved the green dress.

Christy said...

I resisted this movement by Etta but she's really enjoying it. We're hoping this opens her up from her shyness. Chloe is just along for the ride...

Jen said...

If your girls are loving it, I say go for it. :) I'm sure Jade would love to do a pageant (what little girl doesn't love to dress up?!), but I wouldn't know where to begin.

Christy said...

Here Jen:
This is the Cinderella Pageant schedule in AZ.