Thursday, November 03, 2011

Another Week of Bentos

 Making bentos throughout the week is a lot easier when a certain someone wants to buy a school lunch once a week.  Plus, it makes it easier for me to blog with only four pictures. 
Monday was a fun day being Halloween and all so I wanted to make her lunch special too.  I found a couple of Halloween bento ideas but since I didn't look until the night before I had to pick from what was in the house already.  I loved the ghost onigiri but my mummy sandwiches didn't turn out as well as I would have liked.  I didn't have sliced processed white cheese which would have made the cloth wrapping look more realistic.  Regardless, Etta was happy.

 I still have some quail eggs from my mom and grandma's visit and wanted to use up several.  This is one of the girls' favorites.  Quail eggs hard boiled, dyed, then cut to look like tulips.
Tuesday night I had made leek, pea, potato soup which is one of Etta's favorites.  Of course she requested that left overs be put into her new thermos for lunch the following day.  She also got two hard boiled quail eggs stamped to look like a bunny and a dog.  Got to love those Japanese bento supplies!
Chloe didn't finish her ramen from the day before so I heated it back up and used if for Etta today.  She told me that her noodles were super hot at lunch time.  Man this thermos works!
Not too much excitement from my bentos this week.  Next week is a short week so maybe I'll be inspired to try something new and fun.  And for tomorrow, Etta eats pizza.  What kid would pick mommy's lunch over fresh pizza? Obviously not Etta.

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