Sunday, October 23, 2011

Vegas Valley Cinderella Pagaent

I haven't told many people about this mainly because I didn't want anyone laughing at me.  Etta has been requesting for months to do a pageant because she wanted to win a crown and trophy.  I looked into the Cinderella Nevada Youth Pageant and realized that she'd have to do a backstage and onstage interview and told her the only way I would put her into a pageant is if she'd do the free workshops.  For the last two months we've gone to about six workshops helping her speak in front of people as well as one on one with adults.  Of course Chloe decided she wanted to do it once crowns were involved.
Unfortunately Etta and Chloe are in the same age group so they competed with each other.  But, Chloe needs her sister nearby because she's unsure of this whole thing.  After taking a group photo the girls were taken to the judges three at a time for an interview.  Not sure how it went since I couldn't see or hear anything.

All 8 girls in the Cinderella Tot group, ages 3-6.
 Next was Casual Wear.  The girls go onstage and do an introduction and a little model for the judges.
Chloe ended up winning a medal for this outfit.  I didn't get a picture of Etta!
 Next was party wear.

 Here are the girls backstage having a food and drink break, being all silly.

 In the audience watching the older girls' talent routines.  Luckily the girls don't have to do this until the next age group up.

Etta won a medal for personality against all the age groups.

Chloe won a medal for best casual wear outfit against all the age groups.

Etta won Tot Personality in her age group.

Here are some other winners from her age group.

Chloe won 1st runner up for Most Beautiful.  It's mainly just a trophy and crown for participating.

Here are all the contestants.

Chloe fell asleep in the car ride home so I just had to set her up for this picture.

Etta has actually been practicing and was sad she didn't get the Overall Winner for her age group but I told her the Vandy (the winner) did a great job and deserved to win.  Etta needs to work on just a few things, like not looking like a deer in the headlights when up on stage.  But she did great for her first time.  She says she wants to do another one soon.  Sigh.  Chloe on the other hand didn't seem to enjoy it (many a fits) but later said she wants to win more crowns and trophies.  Oh boy.  Looks like we'll be playing this one by ear.


Melonie said...

Hi Christy,

My daughter is competing in her very first Cinderella Pageant in Ohio in Ohio. I was wondering if you have any advice... I am new to this entire pageant dynamic and am unsure of how an introduction should be or whether or not an Easter dress is appropriate for the Formal Wear division. Any help would be AWESOME!!!
Thank You,

Melonie said...

Typo.. In October lol