Thursday, October 20, 2011

Napa and Sonoma

Our time in Napa was drawing to an end.  Sigh.  We were scheduled to tour Anchor Steam Brewery in San Francisco at 11am but Eric decided that we should delay our departure.  He scheduled me a 50 minute massage at our hotel while he and Chris went to the Napa Smith Brewery.  Win win for everyone!  Cindy and I enjoyed the spa amenities before hand then had the deep tissue massage that ended up leaving me sore.  It was great.
Chris enjoying some fresh brew.

We packed up and left but not before stopping at several more wineries.  Since there were a few along the way in between Napa and San Francisco we decided why waste an opportunity.  Our first stop was at Homewood Winery.  It's a small production and we got to taste a lot of wine.  Cindy liked it so much she bought a case and had it sent to her place in Kentucky.  Must have been the port that tipped her over the was great.
Their motto: The Redder da Better.  Why didn't Eric tell me to move over?

Yep, definitely happy.
We then headed to Cline Cellars for another free tasting.  This place was really busy but we still got to taste a handful of the wines.  One of them smelled pretty bad but it was hilarious when Chris said he actually liked the smell.  Cindy I just laughed. 
This is the wine maker for Cline.

The grounds at Cline were absolutely beautiful.
Our last stop in Sonoma was at Jacuzzi Family Vineyards.  Yep, the same Jacuzzi you are thinking.  They had some good wines too.  We tried too many here for me to recall any one in particular.  That's kind of sad.
Enjoying more wine!

Jacuzzi had some beautiful grounds as well. 
It didn't take us long to get to San Francisco from there.  We checked in at the Marines' Memorial Club and enjoyed some free snacks at the happy hour before heading to the wharf. 
View of the bay from the Alcatraz boat.

One of my favorite pictures of Cindy and Chris from vacation.

View of The Rock

Another view of the bay.
After a nice walk from the boat all the way up to the prison, each of us was outfitted with an audio tour which was narrated by inmates as well as guards.

One of the cells.

The story of the attempted prison break was pretty crazy.
The audio tour took us through pretty much the entire prison in 45 minutes.  I didn't know much about Alcatraz before the tour and thought it was extremely well done.  It was my favorite part of our San Francisco trip.
View of the bay leaving Alcatraz.
We didn't get back to our hotel until 10:50 because we stopped for some Chinese food in China Town.  At 10:55pm, the 9th floor of the hotel lost power.  Guess which floor we were on?  We asked to be moved to another room but they were booked.  Comical.  Eric went to sleep while the three of us drank some port, beer, and ate chocolate.  It was pretty fun.  We went to bed after 1am and still didn't have power!  More on our vacation in the next blog.

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