Friday, October 28, 2011

Kings Faire at Canyon Ridge

The girls and I went to the Kings Faire at Canyon Ridge church tonight.  It's basically a huge fall festival with countless bounce houses, games, animal balloons, tattoos, food vendors, and even a magician.  I had heard through friends that the place is crazy busy so the girls and I arrived about 30 minutes before it opened.  It gave us time to buy the wrist bands (only $5 for each of the girls) and hang out at a table.  We met up with some friends and then everyone was allowed into the chaos.  We went straight to the glitter tattoos.  When I heard 'glitter tattoo' I figured it would be a stick on tattoo with a little glitter.  I was wrong.  Imagine a stencil being applied, then glue in the stencil, then glitter on the glue.  The girls loved it!

Chloe picked a pink flower for her hand.

Happy Chloe

Etta picked out a pink rose for her cheek.

Is this a Diva pose?
After the tattoos the kids wanted to play on the bounce houses and it was just madness waiting in line for each bounce house but the kids loved it!  The kids saw this sunken ship from across the church and wanted to do it.  Here's Chloe coming down.
We hit a handful of bounce houses, candy stands, and some games but that was all we could take.  It was shear madness by the time we left at 7pm.  I did let the girls stand in one last line to get balloon flower bracelets which are really cute. Not sure why I didn't take a picture other than I wanted to get home.  It was a great time though!
Here are the girls decorating a pumpkin cake.  I was planning on going all out decorating it like a jack o lantern but the girls insisted on chocolate frosting.  So, they each got a spreader and went to work.  They made more of a mess than anything and loved every minute of it.  Especially afterward because they got to lick the chocolate off the spreaders.

Something I've don't care how the cake looks, they know it already tastes good.

Etta's favorite...chocolate frosting.
We also went to the Y last night for a Halloween party. It was free for military and the girls got face painting, tattoos, animal balloons, candy, played games, a costume contest, and watched a dance team perform.  The girls are loving American style Halloween!

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