Friday, October 21, 2011

Intermission...Fall Festival

I had every intention of finishing our vacation (which I will) but I just had to put pictures of the annual Fall Festival at Kitty Ward Elementary School.  It's the biggest fund raiser of the year and now I know why since seeing it first hand.
We had heard quite a few people mention that their kids were dressing up in Halloween costumes for it and I was leery.  Both the girls are going as cats this year and more than likely those tights would rip or something would get ruined.  The girls had the option of going in regular clothes or picking something out of the dress up box.  Etta picked last years costume (Ariel) and Chloe went with the Littlest Pet Shop Frog (the costume I planned on her wearing for Halloween but she set aside for the cat).
Once the gates were open we went directly to the face painting.  It cost the most tickets but the girls really wanted it done.  The art teacher manned the booth and only took her 2 or 3 minutes to complete each face.  It was amazing.  Looks like she does this as a side business: Amazing Star Girl face painting
I was not surprised that they picked butterflies.  Do you remember the last time they had their faces painted?  butterflies!
Chloe's teacher had a ring toss booth.  This was Chloe's prize.
Etta's turn.

Check out that smile!

Having tons of fun!

An obstacle course.

A really big slide.

Etta just couldn't get a penny to fall into the chest.  Chloe made it both times.  The lady was sweet and let Etta pick out a prize.

Fishing for pirate booty.

Looks like I have a future angler on my hands.

Chloe...not so much.

After burning through 70 tickets in an hour I walked through the silent auction and the raffle.  I asked Etta and Chloe's gymnastics (Go For It USA) if they would donate anything and they gave two certificates, one for a free birthday party and another for a free month of gymnastics lessons.  The birthday party ended up as a raffle prize.  I put $10 of tickets in in hopes of winning that for Etta.  I also put a bid in for the month of free lessons, it would save me a month of Chloe's tuition.
A friend of mine is a Thirty One consultant and donated a organizing utility tote for the auction.
It was up to $30 at 6pm!

She also has her Flying Faith Designs company and she donated a custom 1ft x 1ft sign.  I had to bid on that one.
Will I win?
The girls were quite exhausted after the short amount of time we were there.  I have to admit so was I.  I hope to get a phone call tomorrow morning telling me I won something!

I just got a phone call from the person in charge of the silent auction...I won the birthday party!  Haven't heard about the silent auction but I bid on three things.  We'll see.

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