Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween 2011

Finally, the day has come.  The girls have been waiting patiently to dress as cats and aquire more candy than they know what to do with. 
Ready for trick or treating.

 I'm so excited...I love my sister at this moment.
Good friend Kade came over to trick or treat with the girls.
Their first house.  Remember to say "trick or treat" and "thank you."
This house had lots of decorations/
"Look at all my candy!"
Another decorated house.
 Let me tell you.  There is one house in the neighborhood that went all out.  If you come in the front gate into our section of the neighborhood you can't miss it.  But tonight, it was in rare form.  I wish I had my video camera to film everything.  The kids needed me to go with them up the steps because the lady of the house was dressed up as the reaper in the niche next to the door, knife and all.  Let's just say my kids were freaked out.  The smoke machines we a nice touch!
Scary house part 1
Scary house part 2.
 We crossed the street to this house.  My girls have been pointing this one out for several weeks now whenever we come in the front gate.  It's so inviting.  The funniest thing was Kade found his other half...Mario.  Kade (dressed as Luigi) posed with Mario for pictures.  Unfortunately I didn't get those pictures on my camera. 
The fun house.
 We didn't even complete our street!  We headed back once the girls' bucket was close to full.  Here's the girls' booty.
Ummm, I don't like peanut butter mom.
Once we got home we had the kids dump their buckets and took out anything they wouldn't eat and put it into the communal bucket for the trick or treaters that came to my door.  That worked out great!  Not only did I get rid of half the girls' candy but I still gave out a bunch of stuff.  I turned off the lights about 8:30 because the girls really needed to go to bed.  Chloe was crying about every 60 seconds which signaled she was tired.  Chloe has already asked to count down the days until she gets to trick or treat again.  Hmmm, maybe we should count down the days to Thanksgiving instead.  Just a thought...

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