Saturday, October 22, 2011

Back to Vacation

I had to interrupt my vacation blogging for the Fall Festival.  Who doesn't love seeing cute little girls dressing up and having fun? 
Not sure when Eric woke up but it was before me.  Something about drinking too much port the night before and going to bed too late.  Anyway, the power came back on sometime after 7am.  I only know this because I got up to turn off all the lights.  But, went back to bed for a little longer.  It was a slow morning for three of us.  During breakfast we all concluded that San Fran was cramping our style.  We longed for the countryside, or maybe just more free wine.  Whatever the reasons were, we were headed back to Sonoma but going for downtown.  There is this area surrounding the city hall with tons of shops, tasting rooms, hotels, and wineries.  We spent the entire day there.  We stopped at the visitor center and picked up great information (meaning coupons for free tastings).  We went to Highway 12 for tastings and the atmosphere and wine were great.  We contemplated ordering some and taking them with us but I'm glad we didn't.  More on that later.
Good tasting and reasonably priced wine.

After Highway 12 we walked to Charles Creek and I wasn't impressed with the store front but the wines more than made up for it!  We had a great time with our server Michael.  Turns out he's some movie industry guy that lives in Napa 9 months out of the year and works in LA 3 months out of the year.  By the time we were finishing our tastings, he was tasting with us!  The best white wine from our entire trip was at this tasting room and I'm going to look for it (once I go to a liquor store...may be awhile because I just don't feel right dragging the girls with me).  He also gave us a tasting for a Port like chocolate raspberry wine. Oh my God is all I have to say.  We ended up buying that.  Actually Chris and Cindy bought us that because Cindy accidentally opened the Fantasia wine from the Castle while we were in the dark hallway.  She thought she had the port we had bought from the store.  She felt baaaaaad.
the 2009 Chardonnay is the best!!!!

Michael, or Eric and I liked to call him, "Father of Chloe" for obvious reasons.
We then walked to Roche Winery.  The wines were good but nothing I would salivate for.  There was one wine that was crazy strange.  She gave us the story before pouring.  I can't remember what year it was but there was a bad fire in Sonoma and these particular grapes were smoke covered for quite some time.  They still harvested the grapes to see what kind of wine they produced.  The wine seriously smelled like smoke but tasted like wine.  Strange!

Trying to hydrate at Roche.
Outdoor tasting, it was a beautiful day.
We walked to another tasting room but I wasn't a fan of the wine but the lady was really into barrels and gave the guys lots of information on them.  We then walked about 60 seconds to an Irish Pub to soak up some of that wine.  It's not every day I go to an Irish pub so I had to order the hard cider on tap.  Let me just say I slept all the way back to San Francisco.
Once we returned to San Francisco we walked the wharf and got to see lots of street bums and stores for tourists.  Cindy was excited to see the sea lions.  We headed back in the direction of the hotel and walked around and saw the sites around there.  We ended up having some Thai food at a nearby restaurant.  That wrapped up our last full day in San Fran.

At the wharf.

A night cap and dessert on the top of our hotel.
Late the next morning we solemnly drove back to the airport.  Eric and I ended up hanging out at the USO for a few hours which was great!  We did have to buy some protective bubble wrap pouches for our wine.  But, since it was special wines we were bringing home it was worth it.  Two bottles took up most of my suitcase after they were wrapped.  It was an uneventful flight home and the kids were even waiting up for us when we returned.  Needless to say, I've been drying out since that vacation.  Wine overload!


Jill said...

I need some of that wine. Looks like a great vacation. Did you eat anything amazing? There is never to much wine, just never enough advil.

Christy said...

No amazing food. I think we spent so much time planning out our wine that food was a second thought for us. But I'd pick wine over food.