Monday, September 05, 2011

One Week of School Down....Years to Go

Last week was a huge shift in the family. I'm learning how to let go of the girls, be productive with the few hours of free time, and the best way to get the girls to school and back. Oddly enough driving is a horrible option. It's just too many people driving. You have to actually leave super early just to get a parking spot on the street otherwise you are stuck in the parking lot forever. So, I've been pulling our bike trailer to school two round trips daily (about 1.5 miles each way). The only problem is our trailer is on its last leg so the girls are not comfortable, it doesn't help that they are 4 and 5 now and much bigger. Luckily we decided it was worth updating our trailer even if the girls will only fit in it for another year. We just ordered a new one yesterday and hopefully be able to replace our old one in another week or so. They'll just have to be uncomfortable for a little bit longer.
I'm getting back into the swing of making bentos for Etta. I've been trying to vary it between Western and Japanese style lunches throughout the week. Here are two more from last week. I forgot to take a picture one day and the other one was a grilled cheese sandwich and figured everyone knows how to do that already.
Soba noodles with sauce in the little containers, steamed veggies, and fresh fruit.
Rice with a slice of turkey over it, shredded nori for hair, nori for eyes, and a carrot mouth. Steamed veggies and fresh apples cut to look like tulips.
Here's what the box looks like all packaged up.

The girls seem to love school. Etta doesn't talk much about what happens throughout the day but she does mention the few friends she's made, the activities she gets to do (music class, art class), and all the cool things she's got to pick out of the treasure box. Several days in a row she's been selected to pick a toy because she or her table have been really good throughout the day. Let me just say it was surprising to see her wearing a crown when I came to pick her up one day!
Chloe only goes for a few hours but is enjoying preschool. She always talks about her snacks but not much else. She seems to like her classmates and it helps that there are only 5 other kids in the class. She's enjoying riding the bus home, she feels like a big kid. We're hoping that next month the district will allow sibling ride along and get both of the girls to take the bus to school so that would just leave me to pick Etta up in the afternoon. That would be nice.
One other big change is Etta is cutting back on gymnastics. All it took was one week of full day kindergarten to make her realize that six hours of gymnastics a week may be too much. It doesn't help that Etta starts school at 8am and doesn't get out of gymnastics till 8pm. Yeah, I know it's crazy. She told me she wants to do less because she's too tired so I pulled her from competitive to recreational, just 80 minutes a week once a week. She seems excited about the upcoming change. I wonder if this is a long term change or will she realize she misses learning how to do new things in gymnastics all the time? We'll see.
I'm tired! We spent about two hours working on a school project and some homework Etta came home with on Friday. More about school another time. Break time for mommy and the kids.

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