Sunday, August 28, 2011

Ooh La La Girly Spa

A friend of ours found a discount for Ooh La La on one of those coupon websites (either groupon, livingsocial) and figured she should buy several vouchers and do a belated birthday party for her daughter. That was in May! Luckily we found an opportunity to go this weekend before some of the girls start school and make it even more difficult to get together. Ooh La La is 30 minute drive from our place, but the girls we so excited, they didn't mind. They spent an hour there getting a manicure and pedicure. They had tons of colors to choose from, the most popular ones were the kind that change color in the sun.
The five girls soaking their fingers and getting the nails painted.
Etta looks a little unsure in this picture, but she did a have a good time.
Holding on to 'her' color.
My favorite picture of the day.
Chloe is super excited about her color choice. It has sparkle!
Mackenzie and her pretty nails.
It's amazing how they sat their patiently for everything.
Happy Etta
Chloe enjoying herself
Four of the girls getting their feet soaked.
Chloe's nails are done!
Happy girls
Zaria enjoying herself.
Etta getting painted, the girls looking at popular girl magazines.
Riley enjoying her foot soak
Overall, we had lots of smiles and happy little girls. Etta and Chloe saw all the other stations in the Spa and thought they were going to get make up too. Etta and Chloe both informed me that they liked Rock the Tea more but I think it's because they got to dress up there and do a fashion show all dressed up. Regardless, both options are the occasional treat so they don't get spoiled (or should I say 'more spoiled'?).
The girls are excited they look super cute for their friend's birthday party today as well as their first day of school tomorrow. More on that after it happens.

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