Wednesday, August 24, 2011

My Girls are Growing Up

I haven't blogged much lately because nothing much has happened...except for life. Sometimes I feel it's much too mundane to write about but these are the times I should be actively posting. The summer has flown by and I'm thinking about school starting in five days and feel completely unprepared emotionally (and physically) for the upcoming change. So, with the knowledge of a lifestyle and family upheaval, I figured now is a good time to talk about all the little things that have gone on which are really monumental changes within the family.
First big change: Etta is now doing sleepovers! I remember the good ole' days when I was a little girl sleeping over at my BFF Laura's house growing up. Those are some good memories. But, I never thought it would happen at this age. We feel completely confident in our friendship with another family here who happens to have girls the same age as Etta and Chloe. Of course they are all best friends and love spending time with each other. Etta's first sleepover was for Mackenzie's 5th birthday and Etta was so excited to be the one to share the special day with. Here are pictures of her ready to go to her pal's home for their first sleepover.

I had to repack her backpack, otherwise she would have taken all her favorite things with her.
Sleepover at the Winterbottoms! We now have both the kids coming over in the evening to play, then the youngest one gets picked up at bedtime. They have to wait until they are old enough to join in the overnight fun. Lots less tears now from Riley and Chloe.
The girls are having a great time getting curly hair. If they really plan ahead, they make me curl their hair after bath and before bedtime. Reminds of the times my mom used to do rag curls when I was a little girl.

Even though Chloe has curly hair, she wants it even MORE curly.
The girls got hair cuts today. I want them look good when school starts so I planned to get their hair cuts today. Etta informed me that she wanted short hair. This made me do a double take since she has been telling me all summer long that she wants hair as long as Rapunzel. This knowledge made me extremely nervous. We came to an agreement that she could go to her shoulders this time. If she wants it shorter next time, then we'll go from there. It looks cute but she informed me that she wants it even shorter next time. Good thing we have many weeks before I have to worry about it.
Here are Etta and Chloe with their new hair cuts.

About a week ago Etta mentioned one of her teeth felt really strange. I asked her to come over and point it out. Turns out it's a loose tooth. Let me just tell you Etta was off the wall! She said she needed to talk to Mackenzie right away. So, I called her mom and told her Etta really wanted to talk with Mackenzie. This was Etta's first phone call to a friend and it was the cutest thing I've ever witnessed. Just the memory of it brings a huge smile to my face. Since her loose tooth revelation, she's been happily munching on apples and carrot sticks in hopes to make it fall out quicker. I haven't told anyone else yet, but the tooth next to it is loose too. Oh boy oh boy.
Etta's first loose tooth
As you can tell, nothing terribly exciting is going on in our house other than the changes young kids bring about. I feel as if my baby girls are taking a step in direction of becoming little ladies. Sometimes it's hard to make it a realization that we are progressing to the next step of parenthood. Here I come PTA!


Jill said...

The girls are getting so big. It feels like Jade and Jase are growing up so fast, makes me sad. I can't imagine Jade going to school.

Christy said...

It WILL happen Jill and I can tell Jade and Jase are getting big before my eyes. Wish we could actually spend some time with each other:(