Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Last Ballet Performance...For Now

The girls completed another six weeks of ballet lessons at the North Las Vegas Silver Mesa (city rec center). At the end of six weeks they do a little performance for the parents. The girls really enjoyed going weekly, especially since their best friends were in the class as well. Since Etta is starting full time kindergarten at the end of the month I decided not to enroll her again. Of course I want to enroll Chloe but the class times didn't work out since I have to actually pick Etta up from school. So, we are going to take a hiatus from ballet for the time being unless I find another place that has a class that works out with our schedule.
On a sad note, the city is voting tonight on closing the city rec center since they are so in debt. How depressing. I think it's going to close, even though they've tabled the vote two times already. It's just a matter of time. I wish these politicians would get off their butt and fix the budget problems rather than put a bandaid on it for the time being!


Doing the splits

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Pam said...

I bet they will miss ballet.