Saturday, July 09, 2011

Tangled-Ballet Camp

One thing I love about living in Las Vegas is this vast network of women that are full of information. One such person told me about Kids In Motion dance studio which had tons of summer camps available for girls not registered at the studio. They were also doing a bring a friend and get half off the price. So, let's just say we wheeled and dealed and signed up for two different camps. The girls had their first camp Saturday and the theme was Tangled/Rapunzel. The girls had their choice between dressing up like a princess or ballet clothes. We opted for ballet clothes since they are was more comfortable for that length of time. It was three hours long and I was a little nervous that they wouldn't enjoy it for that long but they surprised me with lots of happy smiles, a lantern, and a cute dance at the end. Parents returned 15 minutes early to watch a little show and take pictures. Here they are.

Etta with her friend Riley

Etta and Chloe with Rapunzel

Etta, Chloe, Riley, and Mackenzie with Rapunzel. Each of them holding their lanterns.
Here is a video of the show at the end of the camp. It's a little crazy because we were in such a small studio with tons of kids and parents. I tried keeping an eye on at least one of our kids our our friends' kids. It was fun seeing them have such a good time. Etta was a little poutty at one spot because she wanted to hold Rapunzel's hand. Oh well.
At the end of this month the girls will be going to a two day Fancy Nancy ballet camp back at Kids in Motion. I think the girls are having a very fun summer so far.

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